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Dog Day Care, Dog Boarding, Dog Grooming, Small Pet Boarding, Dog Walking, House Sitting and Home Visits

About The Howliday Inn
Dog Day Care, Dog Boarding, Small Pet Boarding, Dog Walking, Dog Grooming, House Sitting, Home Visits for all types of Pets and Dog Training

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*The Howliday Inn are 'Bark Certificate of Excellence 2019' Winners

* Our Westgate and St Lawrence branches both passed their licence inspection. NOW OPEN for dog boarding and day care. They also offer small pet care and dog walking

About The Howliday Inn

At The Howliday Inn we provide a range of award winning services including home based dog day care, dog boarding, dog walking, dog grooming, small pet boarding, house sitting, home visits and dog training. At the heart of what we do is our passion for pets. The Howliday Inn provides a loving home from home dog and small pet care service that both pets and owners will be happy with. We always treat your pet as part of our family and aim to make every day a 'Howliday' for your pet.

As pet owners ourselves we know how difficult it can be for both you and your pet to be apart. We could not imagine leaving our pets in a kennel. This is why and how The Howliday Inn was born in 2016. The Howliday Inn was co-founded by Kat and Kerry and started off with two branches. One in Margate and one in Ramsgate.  We wanted to create a dog and small pet care service we would be happy to use for our own pets. We have since become so popular we have expanded and have opened branches in Westgate, Westbrook and Sandwich. (Soon to open a branch in Sturry, Canterbury). Our dedicated and experienced staff do all they can to make your pets stay an enjoyable one by providing a fun and loving home environment. As well as dog day care and pet boarding we also offer house sitting and home visits in South East Kent. All our staff are experienced, dbs checked, pet first aid trained and insured.

Dog Day Care and Boarding

At The Howliday Inn we can provide either regular dog day care and/or dog boarding, just as and when you need us or even as a one off. Our aim is to make every day, a holiday day for your dog, by making their stay as fun as possible. During your dogs stay at The Howliday Inn, they will explore new places on dog walks including parks, woods and beaches. Our dog boarding and dog day care are based in a home environment, with no kennels. The Howliday Inn branches have gardens that are secure and have 6ft fences. Our dog boarding and day care branches have all passed an inspection by a vet and by the council in order to be licenced. The Howliday Inn offer a FREE dog meet and greet and settle session for every dog new to our dog day care and dog boarding service. This allows for you and your dog to meet us, see our homes and help them settle before their stay. The Howliday Inn have branches based in Ramsgate, Margate, Westbrook, Westgate and Sandwich. These branches all offer dog day care, dog boarding, dog walking, house visits, house sitting and small animal boarding.


We ask you to provide your own food for your dog. The main reason for this is we do not want to upset their tummies. Treats are provided by us but are only given with your consent as we are aware not all dogs are able to have treats. 

Have a dog who is raw fed? No problem! We will make sure we have enough freezer space for your dog's food, for the duration of their stay.

Your Dogs Exercise and Dog Walking

We all know that walking your dog is important, but we also understand that every dog is different so at The Howliday Inn will tailor their walk to their needs. The Howliday Inn understand that not all dogs can go off lead while on a walk. We will never let any dog off lead while out on a walk without your consent. For those dogs, who would like a good run off lead but don't have great recall we will aim to take them to a secure dog park when possible. If you do give us consent to let your dog off the lead, we will always make sure we bond with your dog and practice recall first. We try to explore new places with your dog to keep your dog mentally stimulated. The Howliday Inn can also offer a dog walking service. We offer a FREE tester walk for your dog to make sure you and your dog is happy with their dog walker. We can provide both group or solo dog walks and offer a multi dog discount for dogs from the same household. Please visit our prices and services page for more information.

Small Pet Boarding/House Visits

At The Howliday Inn we have staff are experienced with a wide range of species including reptiles, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, rodents and ferrets. We will provide your pet with interaction, enrichment and of course we will keep their enclosures clean and provide the love and attention they deserve. Due to our branches boarding dogs and some of  branches having cats, your small pets will be kept secure away from the other animals if they are boarded with us. Or alternatively we can look after your pets in your home. For certain species this can be benefical as it means you dont have to cause stress by moving them.

                                                         Dog Grooming

                                                'The Howliday Hair and Care'

The Howliday Inn have their own professional, fully qualified, experienced and super friendly dog groomer as part of our team, based in Thanet, Kent. All breeds welcome! Every dog deserves to be pampered. All dogs are welcome, regardless of whether or not you and your dog are existing customers. If your dog is with us for dog day care and/or dog boarding and would like your dog groomed during their stay, please let us know with as much notice as possible so we can book them in. Our dog groomer offers a wide range of services including clipping, stripping, trimming, bathing and nail clipping (and more) all tailored to your dog's needs. Our dog grooming service offers a FREE drop collection and drop off service

Call us on: 07948 207749 for a quote.

What Small Pets Can We Board?

Dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles, rodents, aquatic pets and more. Unfortunately we are not licensed to board cats; however The Howliday Inn can offer home visits or house sitting in and around Thanet, Sandwich and the surrounding areas

Dog Training

      We offer obedience training either as part of a group session or as a                                one to one. Group sessions are just £4. One to ones vary depending on needs. Training provided by a qualified trainer.

Puppy Parties, Socialisation and Training

We offer group puppy parties for socialisation and basic training. We also offer one to one puppy sessions. Group sessions are £4. One to one sessions vary depending on needs. Training provided by a qualified trainer. Spaces subject to availability so please contact us on: 07948207749 for more information and booking. NO GROUP SESSIONS AVALIABLE AT THE MOMENT BUT PLEASE CONTACT FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ONE TO ONE TRAINING OR JOINGING US ON A GROUP WALK

Where Are We Based?

The Howliday Inn is based in Margate, Ramsgate, Westgate, Westbrook, Sandwich and soon to open in Sturry, Canterbury.

Although based in these areas we have customers who travel to use us from outside of Kent as they know their pets are treated as part of the family.

Making A Booking


Please be aware school holidays we get booked up quickly so if you have a trip booked please contact ASAP so we can register your pet and complete the free meet and greet to secure your booking. We work as a collective and all work under the same guidelines and high standards. This means that if your local branch doesnt have avalibilty but another of our branches does we will offer you a space here. We can provide a pick up and drop off service if transport to a alternative branch is difficult for you.

The Howliday Inn Margate provides:

Dog day care, dog boarding, dog walking, dog grooming, small pet boarding and dog training.

Please contact Kat on: 07948 207749

The Howliday Inn Ramsgate provides:

Dog day care, dog boarding, small pet boarding, dog walking, small animal boarding, house sitting and home visits. Please contact Sadie on: 07948217910

The Howliday Inn Westgate provides:

Dog day care, dog boarding and dog walking.  Please contact Michelle on : 07984529131

The Howliday Inn Westbrook provides:

Dog day care, dog boarding, dog walking and house visits. Please contact Adele on:  07948 207749

The Howliday Inn Sandwich provides:

Small pet boarding, dog walking, house sitting and home visits.  Please contact Graham on:   07554056463


When booking dog day care and/or dog boarding:

We will meet you and your dog for your FREE meet and greet and settle session. You will need to complete some paper work with us. This is because we are licensed and insured and we want to make sure we meet all your dog's needs. 

What you will need to complete our paperwork:

Microchip number, vet details, insurance details (if applicable), proof of vaccines (or titre test if your dog does not have yearly vaccinations), medical history (if applicable). You will need to provide us with details of an emergency contact. (Please ask the permission of your appointed person.) We will also need you to complete paperwork about your dog's food, routine, exercise needs etc. If you would like the paper work emailed to you before arrival please let us know.

When booking for you're small pet:

Your welcome to come to our house and see where your pet will be staying and we can also come and meet your pet at your request before their stay. We will need to fill out some paper    work because we are insured and also want to make sure we meet all your small pet's needs.

What you will need to complete the paperwork for your small pets stay:

Microchip number (if applicable), proof of vaccination or titre test (if applicable), insurance details (if applicable), medical history (if applicable).  You will need to provide us with details of an emergency contact. (Please ask the permission of your appointed person). We will need you to complete paperwork about your pet's food, routine, exercise needs etc. If you would like the paper work emailed to you before arrival please let us know.

dog boarding in Margate, Thanet
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The Howliday in provides dog day care, dog boarding, small pet boarding, dog grooming, dog walking, house sitting and home visits for pets.
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